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Key places to cover for anyone, in Iceland (in no particular order).

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#1 Seljalandsfoss 💦

Seljalandsfoss waterfall coming down from a cliff wall with people walking towards it in a path and green field in the front.

We were able to see Seljalandsfoss waterfall from 10km away.

This is a spectacular waterfall in southern Iceland. Easily accessible in a car with no hiking required. Water proof boots, water resistant pants and rain jacket recommended. Be sure not to miss walking behind the waterfall and walking a short distance to the cave waterfall

#2 Skogafoss 💦

Man, woman and 10 year old boy in front of the Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland; it's coming down from a flat cliff line covered by moss and the waterfall is wide.

The trio at Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland.

Another gorgeous waterfall easily accessible from the parking lot. Climb up the 300 or so stairs to the top of the waterfall for an amazing perspective. Continue the walk along the trail past the gate at the top of the stairs to see many more gorgeous waterfalls.

#3 Friðheimar restaurant

Alley view of tomato vines growing vertically inside the glass house Fridheimar restaurant and stables.

Inside the glass house growing tomatoes of Fridheimar.

This restaurant is a must do experience in south Iceland. The tomato soup is so fresh. We enjoyed the stable experience as well. However, just the restaurant is an amazing experience. Reservations required.

#4 Glacier hike 🥾

Man, kid and 2 woman hiking up a glacier with backpacks and back to the picture.

Climbing the glacier with the family.

We did our glacier hike with Troll Expeditions. There are numerous companies that offer glacier hikes in the area. Being able to hike on top of a glacier is an unmissable experience in Iceland.

#5 Múlagljúfur canyon hike 🥾

Wide vista of glacier and valley with shubs and moss covered land in the foreground.

The wide vistas on the Múlagljúfur canyon hike.

Tall waterfall coming down a mountain side covered with lush moss and canyon rocks in the foreground.

Most gorgeous fairytale scenery in Múlagljúfur canyon hike.

This 3.6 mile moderately challenging hike has spectacular views of a fairytale canyon with 3 gorgeous waterfalls, many glaciers, the ocean and snow covered mountains is worth the effort. Hiking boots or shoes with good grip recommend. Can get warm in the summer as there is not much shade the entire way.

#6 Jökulsárlón, Diamond beach

Huge chunks of icebergs flating in glacial waters of the lagoon from Jökulsárlón in the distance, the foregound with big rocky embankments.

Iceberg chunks in the enormous glacier lagoon of Jökulsárlón.

These attractions are located just across the highway from each other. They are a must in south Iceland to enjoy amazing views. Take the boat or kayak tour of the lagoon to see several beautiful glaciers all around the lagoon. The unique black sand beach offers a chance to see stunning ice sculptures carved by the forces of nature.

#7 Seydisfjordor

A family of four sitting on a bench looking at a mountain in background, and buildings and lake in the foreground in the town of Seydisfjordor. Family sitting and taking in the scenary in Seydisfjordor.

This is a gorgeous town on the eastern fjords. Just the drive to get to this end of the fjord is full of hundreds of waterfalls, glacier lagoons and stunning mountains. Stay on the fjord for an amazing view.

#8 Dettifoss 💦

A woman and boy kid behind the railing of the waterfall named Dettifoss and the hillside is covered with moss; the other side of the waterfall is rocky and barren.

Dettifoss from the viewing deck.

The largest waterfall in Europe by volume is nothing short of breathtaking. We have never witnessed the shear power of water anywhere else.

#9 Blue lagoon

Woman and child walking on a path covered on both sides with 10 feet of volcanic rock formations.

The dramatic volcanic rock covered pathway at the world famous Blue Lagoon.

Even though this place is deemed too touristy by some, we thoroughly enjoyed everything about our experience here. The milky blue waters, black volcanic rock, silica masks and Icelandic stories made our experience unforgettable. Due to current volcanic eruptions, the Blue Lagoon maybe currently closed. There are several other geothermal baths all over Iceland. Sky lagoon in Reykjavik (not for kids under 12) or Geosea in Husavik are amazing as well.

#10 Arnarstapi coastal walk 🥾

Rocky pointy mountain with snowcapped mountains in background; moss and grass covered grasslands in the front and a lake dotted by houses around it

Along the Arnarstapi coastal walk.

From the town of Arnarstapi, enjoy the gorgeous coastal scenery as well as green pastures, glaciers, snow covered mountains and Icelandic houses scattered around the landscape. This walk is almost too beautiful to be real. We felt we were walking through a fairytale.

Bonus: Go horse riding 🐴

Icelandic horses tied to pole railing with green grass fields and snowcapped mountains in the background.

Icelandic horses at the Polar Hestar horse riding stables.

It does not matter where, which company or what the scenery is. Icelandic horses are gorgeous, gentle creatures. Just being able to ride them anywhere in this amazing country will be a perfect experience.

This list could be twice as long and yet not be able to accommodate all the amazing experiences this country has to offer. This is just a list of the ones that were most memorable for us.

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