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🇮🇸 Top 10 with Kids

Key places to cover that would interest children in Iceland.

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#1 Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss

Both these waterfalls are great for kids as they are easily accessible from the parking lot within a short walk. Both waterfalls are different and unique in their own way.

Mother and child approaching waterfall

Approaching the majestic Skogafoss waterfall.

#2 Blue Lagoon / Goesea ♨️

Blue Lagoon / Goesea or any kid-friendly geothermal spa. Kids can enjoy swimming in warmer waters of the geothermal baths, especially in cooler weather. Most of the geothermal spas we visited, had a hot area, warm area and a cooler area of water, well suited for children.

Child in front of blue lagoon

Indoors by the cafe at the world famous Blue Lagoon.

#3 Friðheimar greenhouse restaurant 🍅

Kids will enjoy seeing all the tomatoes hanging all around the restaurant. The food is simple like soup, bread and sandwiches (perfect for kids). The waitress gave us a ton of information on how the greenhouse is maintained, kept warm and sourced.

Row of tomato vines growing vertical inside a green house

Vertical tomato vine rows inside the greenhouse.

#4 Jökulsárlón 🛥️ boat ride & Diamond 💎 🧊 beach

Kids would like the short and really calm boat ride at the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon boat ride. They even pick up a piece of the glacier and hand it to kids. You can pick up pieces of ice on the beach as well.

Man and boy holding ice chunks with a black sand beach and sea in the background. The beach sand has big chunks of ice pieces broken off from a glacier.

Holding iceberg chunks on the black sand Diamond beach.

#5 Whale Watching 🐳

Some companies offer shorter tour times, which may work better for younger kids. Older kids might like the longer tour with whale and puffin watching from Husavik. Whale watching tours are offered from Reykjavik, Akureyri or several towns along the southern and western areas.

Man leaning on wooden railing of sail ship with cold ocean and snow covered mountain range in the back

Best whale 🐋 watching trip aboard a silent electric 🔋 sail ship ⛵️.

#6 Horse riding 🐎

Many companies offer hour or so rides for 5 and up, while some are more weight-based. Icelandic horses are of a gentle temperament, hence perfect for first time riders.

Family of 5 on horses, with couple folks waving, on a barren hill top with green grass covered hills and snow-capped mountains in the background.

Amazing horse riding experience at Polar Hestar.

#7 Godafoss

Easy walk from the parking lot to this impressive waterfall with several view points along the walk. There is a cafe and gift shop nearby for snacks.

A curved wall of waterfalls with and landscape covered by moss, with mountains with snowy patches in the background Majestic beauty of Godafoss waterfall.

#8 Hraunfossar

Just a short walk from the parking lot to this unique waterfall. After seeing all the tall waterfalls, this one appears more like an entire cliff wall of waterfalls. The river below is incredibly powerful forming the canyon as well.

Cascading wide wall of waterfalls and a river stemming from it. Hraunfossar’s cascading wall of wide waterfalls.

#9 Viking village, Stokksnes 🏔️ 🌊

Fun way to experience an ancient Viking village with houses still standing. The beach may be fun as well during low tide.

Man and kid in front of a log shelter and village with turf covering for roof. It is in the Viking village of Stokksnes At the Viking village in Stokksnes.

#10 Geyser geothermal area 🪨 ♨

Reliable, large geothermal geyser called Strokkur Geysir which erupts every 7-9 minutes. Kids might like to watch it a couple of times with the short wait time. Follow the short trail across the street from the parking lot.

Geyser fumes coming out of the ground at the horizon with cloudy skies; wet mud and rocks strewn around the place; some people at the distance around the geyser

Geothermal area called Strokkur Geysir.

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